Like many of those who may find themselves reading this text right now wondering why they wandered here to this page in the first place– it’s the same reason I find myself wondering why I’m even writing it: there’s nothing else to fucking do.  Period.

Instagram censored my Story for the last time the other day.  I broke down the stimulus deal in terms of what money is.  So I figure, eh, what the heaven– I’ve got this here fancy shmancy online notebook to write into.

Whatta we got, 10 more days till we find out if Jesus returns from the dead?  Give or take… give or take…

[Somewhere in here is a good zombie punchline waiting to happen…]


Judges:  “Take!” /multiple Gavels slam down on everyone’s proverbial Dicks

The above video is an attempt to break down how COVID-19 has effected the state of South Korea by a doctor who has over 3 decades of experience on the depths of viral outbreaks, which means he’s basically been at this since I was still swimming in my dad’s sack.

I queue you in at the end where the doctor gives direct advice to young people in how we’re supposed to be helping this whole ordeal.  They didn’t need to shut down the borders, they could have just told us this and we’d have adjusted, but whatever.  What do I know.

Back to the video.  Here is the data culminated from the deadly pandemic that’s stopping traffic and causing economic meltdowns:

The 1st case of COVID-19 was reported to The WHO on December 31st, 2019, out of Wuhan, China.  Since that day and up until the interview on March 24th, 2020, there were 8,961 cases in South Korea.  Of those, 3,166 cases (36%) have fully recovered.  It is reported that there have been 111 deaths (1.2% mortality rate) of all cases, with 20% of them showing zero symptoms whatsoever.  [wow. terrifying. hope i don’t get those symptoms that don’t exist.]

The fatality rate is roughly 4.9% worldwide, with 42,006 deaths out of 857,641 cases comparatively, in 206 countries, which also tells me a large number of ENTIRE COUNTRIES have yet to see a case themselves.  Scratching your head?  Do you live in one of them?  What’s that like?  Please email me.

The reason the mortality rate average appears so frighteningly high is because the elderly have weaker immune systems… similar to what happens when alcohol or tobacco products are consumed, but what would I know.  So, Govuhnuh, how come liquor stores are essential businesses, sir?  God damn why am I so stupid.  Help me, Tom Cruise!

Currently, we are on pace to hit 1,000,000 deaths in about 6.25 years, that’s taking into play that there were zero new cases reported in the birthplace of the virus itself just two days ago.  I repeat, we are on pace for one million deaths in 6.25 years and there were no new cases in the birthplace of the virus 2 days agoTuberculosis killed 1.6 million in 2017 alone.  Judges?



In South Korea, there has been 1 death in the 30-years age range, and 1 in the 40s.  There were zero reported deaths of persons in their 20s and teens.  What that means is, if you walked around the entire country forever, you would not find anyone in there teens or 20s dead from COVID-19… but you might find some people hanging themselves because of the immense amount of bullshit shoveled onto their plates.

Go fuck yourself, San Diego.