One fact Mr. Phoenix left out about cows, is that something interesting grows from their poop and we just can’t be having any of that in a land of free and brave people because that’s more schedule-1-dangerous than erratic, unscheduled nuclear war.

stay weird

You can watch “What The Health” for free or whatever that means on YouTube. Find the link yourself, you lazy ass fuck.

Okay.  Here is the link. Jesus….

Eat your veggies, kiddies.

How are we supposed to row our boats again?


So much to do, so much to see, so here’s me taking the backstreets for now by posting a video of someone else cruising the main roads.

Yes. That’s right.  Bill Hicks.  Bill Hicks.  Bill Hicks.  A motherfucking Will-i-am.


PS- How do you like this new webpage layout?  Shoutout to Toby Valora for coming through in the absolút clutch.