So, according to CNN Health’s article “Here’s what we know about the 100 people who’ve died in the US from coronavirus”, we know that the youngest to die were ~50 years of age or older, they had other major health concerns, and most hadn’t recently left the country.

Here’s what I know from my personal email inbox from this week: they have cancelled colleges and moved them to all-online; they have decided to shut down the bars and restaurants;  they are closing gyms; they are restricting travel.

As we all know– people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s with emphysema, diabetes, and heart conditions be outchea tearing up the college campuses, the night life, and hogging all the flat benches on chest day as well as doing biceps curls whilst standing in all squat racks and hold up– did you say emphysema?!  So cigarettes are part of the problem after all? Diabetes? So sugar is part of the problem after all? K.  I’m sure it’s just all in my head though.  How’s your kool-aid?  /Can’t hear, coloring too loud

Meanwhile– the federal reserve is injecting $1.5Trillion into the economy and we have no control over any of this.  Cooooooooool!!!!!!!!!

Just wondering… can we maybe ship that ridiculous fuckin Statue back to France?  Or melt it down into commemorative lapel pins for all of the people to have so we can never forget this monumental momentum.  Ellis Island would make a wonderful location for a new state prison in my humble opinion.