I’m goin blind out here on the lookout for some fucks to give, afraid to blink you might think, no way to live. Ever target the bullseye, end up nailin the brown eye and come up with bullshit? Fuck it, hiking like a viking on Vicadin exchangin hot hands like wildfire on paper fists, see how hard I hit, navigate the globe with a rapist wit, how could I possibly quit- I just located a starter kit. Playin hard to get like Mary Swanson’s clit, Lloyd Christmas I’m hit or miss, I’m not really the type to tell and kiss, I’ll be Nikki Sixx +6 +6 +2– 20/20, a motley crüe, 20 ladies daily comin up n sayin to me how my eyes are blue, dobba dee dobba di, plural form of dice, in the Valleys, or Vegas if you press 2 for Español, my mind- is this the highest itcango? I’m justnotsold on glitterandgold, it makes me yawn a lot, took it all to the pawn shop, I’ve been stayin up past dawn a lot, the hunter that got hungry and gave up on the lawn crops, more specifically I might precisely run the woods like I’m in Nikes, shotgun, there goes the trigger, the real star of the movie where the mother of that fawn was shot. Christened with misery, erasing history, asiffacts were builtupplaque on a bucktooth washed away with Listerine. I have a dream of a genie screaming “dont you dare stop”, her bhole is what I was reaming, cream was steaming, she wasn’t on my nerves but she was definitely leaning, pack a 1-2 kinda like tag-teaming, got a box full of rain checks that I won’t be redeeming. Pot leaf socks, a train wreck of a pain in the neck of a locomotive with a reckless cocamotive. On the spot like Johnny, do it live I’m streaming, no match but my game set, green lumber, in the sun in the summer smoking on a wooden stained-deck. Eyes hide, buzz sweet like honey in the hive, what they mean when they’re talkin bees knees, a rare breed of an endangered species.

If I were a treasure where would I be?

Sure would be a pleasure for whoever’d find me.

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