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Gutter Science [Grade A]

When hemp is legalized, might as well consider me a full-time farmer. But what are we waiting for? #AnslingerPapers

This Is A Job For Titans

Feel the Bern yet? It's okay-- Daddy has the aloe for that ass, baby.

It's Time. Better Late Than Never.

What's new pussy cat? Woah.

Not Gonna Complain Today

The Tim Ferriss Show #117 - with Dom D'Agostino on Fasting, Ketosis, and The End of Cancer The Science of Fasting

Trump 2020

1,000 words or something like that...

What would Jesus do?

Do as I say, not as I do.

Ever Creampie'd Anyone Before?

Spoiler alert: this post is not about busting a love-nut into an anus or a vagina...
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