What I’m tired of is what I’m talm’bout

Wood fuh wood. No edit. No add. No subtract. First word to thesis to Sounds Good period.

I’m just bored of small talk and corporate success and high taxes and illiteracy and war and terrorism and how the fuck are we still falling for this bullshit? I’m tired of sports, professional sports, endorsements and advertisements it’s blatantly obvious the problem we have is collective ignorance. I’m tired of of being called crazy for using sound logic and for treating people with respect regardless of their pay grade. Our faces buried in our phones doing whatever it takes to get likes and conning the poor bastards who keep falling it. I’m tired of being confused and contradicted in every sense of the fucking word. I’m tired of of talking about banning this, banning that, because ‘this many’ died from it and “you don’t need it” so you can’t have it because we said so. I’m tired of the prayers, I’m tired of the fucking faith in God. Have some faith in your ambition, stop praying for shit and just go do it. I’m tired of the pity party, the belligerent drunks egged on by assholes disguised as friends. I’m tired of of disguises; filters. Fuck you Snapchat, the only filter needed is the square jaw. I’m tired of a bullshit degree being the kicker on a bullshit resumé. I’m tired of the lack of accountability. Why are we $20T in debt, I’m tired of hitting potholes and coming out of pocket to fix when my taxes go towards $2B/day to kill people because of these rich fuckwads calling shots. Fight your own wars, you fucking cowards. I’m tired of fake news, I’m tired of no justice. I’m tired of holding all this in, I’m tired but I still lose sleep over this, I’m tired of that. I’m tired of the struggle, I’m tired of digging for hidden answers. I’m tired of lazy people. I’m tired of being lazy. I’m past that shit. I’m tired of holding doors for people who don’t know what giving thanks actually means. I’m tired of Netflix, I’m tired of being bull-shitted, and in a coma from bullshitting myself. I’m tired of of turning the other cheek, and I do that because there’s not enough time in the fuckin day to call it out when bullshit is seen.

Pick your battles. Win your wars.


Author: Kiddhartha

Born and raised in the Finger Lakes region of Western New York. I enlisted in the Air Force after graduating high school in 2006. I served honorably for 8 years and then I got involved in the hospitality scene of Tampa, Florida, which I've been in since. I'm very interested in learning as much world history as I can. After all, you have to know where you came from to know where you're going.

One thought on “What I’m tired of is what I’m talm’bout”

  1. It’s all gotten old. The ignorance of the world because of narcissistic lifestyles. People chase the attention of people who barely even know them if they know them at all. The insincerity of social media to ‘bring us closer’ when it really is isolating. You know what had really gotten old though? The talk of control when the control needs to start with self!! Boom! I said it!!

    There are too many people with no control of themselves. They can’t control their time, money, or their mouths. People say they are busy, but can spend hours and hours in their phones. All that tapping and you couldn’t tap out a hello to your mom? Just saying…

    Too many talk without listening or even thinking before they speak and that hasn’t just gotten old, it’s gotten ridiculous. Talk is just idle hipocracy anyway because there are no fucking morals or standards left today. Everything and everyone being treated as disposable and then we wonder why there are so many problems in society with self-worth. Those who keep expecting others to treat them with respect when they don’t respect anyone else or themselves can join the detritus of the Earth. I’ve no use for scum. Maybe it’s because I’m old.