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Curveball. Corner Pocket.

I don’t know bout anyone else, but the fun fact I’m about to share with you kind of blew my mind.  It blew my mind in the ‘kinda-thought-I-woulda-heard-that-shit-by-now-at-32’ way.  Maybe some of you already know/knew that the richest man in the world is Mexican*, shit, maybe most of you know/knew–but I didn’t and I’ve been just like the lady in the video: “OH MY–”  What a curveball.

Mexico will be fine, they have a dude with “straight cash, homie”** money flow, and then some.  I don’t even know where to begin with this new bit of information but for some reason I feel more at ease knowing there’s a rich person there for stability, and so that’s why I share it here with you today.  Shortly and sweetly.


ERIK SCHATZKER, BLOOMBERG NEWS***(AMERICAN): … “The conventional wisdom, as you know, is that the Donald Trump presidency, will be bad, if not terrible, for Mexico.  What do you say?”


LMFAO.  I understand that the interview happened a long time ago and before Pres. Trump was actually inaugurated but I still find it odd how this bit of information was unheard till today, because I needed a laugh, and often times I’ll gravitate to YouTube for Norm MacDonald clips to try and get my self to laugh, because sometimes that’s all I can think of to do on a beautiful little shitty ass day.  Who’da thunk it, you know?!  Just who?!




Another fun fact that’s actually a fact and not one that’s out-dated: there are over 2,000 billionaires in the worldHow bout those red delicious apples!?

*no longer the richest man in the world today, according to Forbes (#5)– this is not a breaking news outlet, but how bout that catchy lie to attract your attention?

**Randy Moss voice

***2/23/20-with a bonus fun fact, go check and see who the owner of this news establishment is and stay classy, San Diego. #gofuckyourselves

[[[[[There is no point to any of this]]]]] #soundsfair

“Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily… what was life again?”

How are we supposed to row our boats again?


So much to do, so much to see, so here’s me taking the backstreets for now by posting a video of someone else cruising the main roads.

Yes. That’s right.  Bill Hicks.  Bill Hicks.  Bill Hicks.  A motherfucking Will-i-am.


PS- How do you like this new webpage layout?  Shoutout to Toby Valora for coming through in the absolút clutch.