19 comes before 31.

[Leduc was prepared to challenge the curfew order. “It doesn’t pass the constitutional mustard and must die the death it deserves,” he insisted.]


5-7-5 on dat quaizy ass, dawg.

“The truth is permanent; everything else will fall by the wayside.”

Exclusive new music alert. I repeat, Exclusive new music alert. Weeooweeooweeoo. Wommmp wommmp womp womp wommmmmmmmmmp. wommmmmmmmmmmmp. Exclusiiiiiiiive neewwww muuuuuusic beau beau beauuuuuuuuuuu. Sound the alarm, this shit’s fiiiiiiire.

vita-min= vital mineral… minerals vital to your well-being…to your fucking vitals…, k? k.

“And this is not my opinion, ok? This is the opinion of Science.”

Till that mahfockin casket drops.

The guy who invented The Internet, Dr. Shiva, weighs in on the COVID bullshit. Oh shit, he’s running for MA Senate, too! WHAMMY!!!! www.shiva4senate.com

Spirit animal alert… RIP

More doctorate advice [people smarter than ‘news’ broadcasters/politicians] on COVID you won’t get from watching television.

Old jams recorded with homies 10+ years ago…