Artworks available– donations only!  Artwork displayed with any props also come included with the prop.

If interested in any of the artwork, send email to thee art-keeper at

“Sgt Photosynthesis”

Sharpie on Cardboard

Do you care about your penis health?  Or.  Do you know someone who has a penis whose health you’re concerned for?

“Fings Up”

Framed, 10.5″ x 10.5″, Autographed Initials, 1 of 1

“God has his hand on me and I’m smiling.”

“Papal Bull[shit]”

Framed, 7″ x 9″, Autographed Initials, 1 of 1

Inspired by men’s bathroom stall vandalism at an Ybor City night club.

I have some crucial skin in the game.  Do you?  Do you know someone who does?

Got to LOVE circumcision, right!?  This piece of art is dedicated to my long-lost foreskin; g-spot and all.  With any luck, it was used in a skin graft to fix Nanzy Pullohzi’s dumb asshole of a plastic face for a high, unbeatable price.  God knows she’s a nice lady.

For more information on mutilating Our children’s genitalia, there is a recent documentary which can be watched on thee line here.

what if this world is another planet's hell