Unique, 1-of-a-kind artworks available– donations only!!!  If it’s pictured here, it could still be yours.  Artwork displayed with any props also come included with the prop.

If interested in any of the artwork, contact art-keeper at 813-609-2232 or use the ‘Contact’ tab on this website.

“Fings Up” – $100+s/h (includes Size: Large, vintage replica game jersey)

Framed, 10.5″ x 10.5″, Autographed Initials, 1 of 1

For more than 20 years I devoted a large part of my heart and soul to the Dolphins of Miami.  This jersey has been worn to Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park on 3 different occasions.  One of those games I found my self sitting in the fucking Rock Pile!  That was the day I walked out with a loogie on my back left shoulder sleeve.  Buffalo Bills Mafia delinquency.

Don’t hate the player– hate the game.

“Papal Bull[shit]” – $100+s/h (includes vintage stuffed Vicar of Christ (see: vicar))

Framed, 7″ x 9″, Autographed Initials, 1 of 1

Inspired by bathroom stall vandalism from an Ybor City night club.

I have some crucial skin in the game.  Got to LOVE circumcision, right!?  This piece of art is dedicated to my long-lost foreskin.  With any luck, it was used in a skin graft to fix Nanzy Pullohzi’s dumb asshole of a plastic face for a high, unbeatable price.  God knows she’s a nice lady.

For more information on mutilating our children’s genitalia, there is a recent documentary which can be watched on the line here.

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