Lyrical wet dream

Escaped the maze, I can smell the cheese, the last phase of the rat race, I went this way instead of that way but I’m still eatin, agreed to it I’m a thrill seeker. To alpha dog ya gotta kill the leader, cut the tag and make the deal sweeter. Patty Mayo, no Funny business, […]

High There. 👋🏻

Here’s a group of words I put together that I thought was pretty sexy. I thought of the following group of words while smoking my 6th cigarette-or-so in probably the last hour, but making it look what I think is pretty sexy reason being if you think of it this way->>>>>smoking cigarettes is the number […]

5am lyrical puke

Explain sorbet, the word not the ice cream. A different orange like a tangerine. Now take ‘pervert, make it look like sor-bet it’d be spelled porvet, the English language is out of orbit. Make ya laugh till your core’s fit, till your pants are shit, I’m Smokin cancer sticks even though I wanna quit, a […]

Slackin But Stackin

We let too much slide. I’m guilty of it myself, but I’ve realized that we are all flawed. Some of us more so than others, and some of us hardly at all, or whatever- you know what I mean. But why should it be my responsibility to go out of my way to correct others? […]

What I’m tired of is what I’m talm’bout

Wood fuh wood. No edit. No add. No subtract. First word to thesis to Sounds Good period. I’m just bored of small talk and corporate success and high taxes and illiteracy and war and terrorism and how the fuck are we still falling for this bullshit? I’m tired of sports, professional sports, endorsements and advertisements […]

Ode to Shrooms

V1: “Ive got some mushroom chocolates”, the booms, the 1-2, that’s how the night started. Momma thinks I’m retarded- probably- I know I would be if I were her, but if I were her then she’d be me, ya see? But I’m not trying to be somebody I’m not- white collar blew and blue collar […]