Item 9 Exists.

How do you eat AN elephant?

Here is the first proverbial bite.

I don’t know if any of you are scientists or if you’re literate, but there are definitely some words to know.

Here’s an article I’ve been dying to share with The People since I stumbled over it sometime back in October.  

Let’s practice saying this out loud.  Del-ta.  9.  Te’tra.  Hy-dro.  Can-na.  Bi-nol.

delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol.  delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol.  okay, fine.  d9-THC.

So, If you didn’t follow the hyperlink above the photo, you may not understand, then, that the above photo is a picture of the front page of a study published on the National Institute of Health’s website.  Cannabis apparently stops cytokine storms from causing complete respiratory failure, thus, cannabis has medical properties yet again.  But according to people who only trust the information that comes from pretty people talking inside of a box connected to a wall that sits in a room in their house– this is not an important discovery worth noting.

Knowing all of these people out there are dying from cytokine storms and cannabis could have helped.  Not to mention Eyevermectin could have helped.  What a shame.  We are being played like fiddles.  

So it was deemed nearly 100 years ago by a hand full of very wealthy politicians with financial interests threatened by the cannabis plant and all it has to offer, that cannabis itself would be criminalized in American society.  Ironically, the cannabis I just inhaled is what inspired my god-given decency to sit down and fix this post up.

Do your homework, They used to tell me.  :):):L):)::):):)):):):))):):)):):))):)):):))))))))

Can you see how they mock us?  They make bank while they shit on us.  Who and what will they exploit next?  Could be your asshole.  Watch your 6.