Item 9 Exists.

How do you eat in elephant?

Here is the first proverbial bite.

Here’s an article I’ve been dying to share with The People for a good amount of time now.  I will forewarn those who are reading this, there are some biiiig words in there with lots and lots of syllables.

Say it out loud.

Del-ta-9-tet-ra-hy-dro-cann-a-bi-nol.  Slower.

Del-ta 9… tetra— as in ‘thee Joowish deity‘…

Hydro—as in water

canna—as in ‘cannabis’

bidiol—- as in “go die, all of you, from a cytokine storm in your lungs unless you treat your self with cannabis.”

This is all according to the same Food and Drug Administration who says Ivermectin doesn’t help either.

Knowing all of these people out there are dying from cytokine storms and cannabis could have helped.  And Eyevermectin could have helped.

My anxiety was getting to me and my pain was high– then I smoked and felt good enough to write this.  Go fuck yourself, San Diego.  No medical properties or benefits, you say?  To that, I say, go fuck yourself, San Diego.  May we have an adult discussion on this matter, or are we going to keep ignoring the elephant in the room?

Do your homework, They used to tell me.  :):):L):)::):):)):):):))):):)):):))):)):):))))))))