Mahfockiz Iz Trippin, Yo. Mahfockiz Iz Trippin.

As much Maury and Jerry Springer as we have all collectively watched and they still got us?!

We’ve subconsciously been training our whole lives for this shit, yo.

Did you know that the first vaccination in the history of the vaccination nation, according to required reading at SUNY Buffalo State (Books That Changed The World, Robert B. Downs), was performed by an English farmer named Edwin Jenner?  Even though the practice is reportedly brought from Turkey as early as 1791 by a Lady Mary Wortley Montague.  It’s sort of like discovering land that is already occupied and then taking credit for its discovery, but I digress.

So it says in the reading, Jenner was credited with eradicating the world of smallpox when he inoculated an 8-year old boy named James Phipps with pustules of cowpox in the year 1796.

Vaccination is a play on words.  Cow is vacca in Latin.

The play gets more interesting… heard of that long, drawn-out, distraction-from-good-things-in-life-of-a-show, The Walking Dead?  Well, here is a scene clipping, where the doctor at the CDC reveals to the band the origin of the disease… please make sure to get a good idea of his name

Reaaaaaalllll fucking original, Hall-e-would.  Super clever, though.  Got to admit.

Got to love the irony of the title “Dr. Jenner Provides Food” when they’re all getting drunk on alcohol, including the child.  Or should I say kid? Now let’s just verify what Dr. Bryan Ardis ( was claiming in the Watch The Water interview above, about the word virus.  Strangely enough, the Spanish translation of the word virus is virus.  However.  Virus, as defined in the dictionary, particularly when it comes to the language of the almighty infallible, virus is just a word for venomParticularly venom from a venomous animal.  Such as- a serpent.

Eric Blitzer was a prophet.