A short write-up from February of 2018 that remained as just a draft… until today– and still relevant:

Today was another one of those days that I’m not really ever gonna complain about. I slept till around 2PM. When I woke up I burned through a small chunk of the book I’m reading (Waking Up by Sam Harris), which just happened to be a segment on consciousness of the human mind- broken down theoretically in multiple ways- to a neurological and spiritual level. It kind of touched on meditation a bit, which is something I have tried at least 10 times in my life. I know it was at least 10, because my free subscription to HeadSpace– a program that guides you through short meditation sessions–expired after my 10th free session. So I put up a few bucks for a month subscription and I’m going to challenge myself to meditate at least once a day, preferably in the beginning (factoid).

I was really hungry when I woke up, but for whatever reason, I didn’t feel like cooking anything. Before I knew it, the sun was going down and I still hadn’t eaten anything. I never ate anything and I still haven’t at 3:16AM (shout out to Stone Cold). Intermittent fasting is something I used to do a lot more often. Tim Ferriss had a guest on his podcast talk about it once, that’s when I really got into it. It’s something I started implementing to help with burning more fat. I actually came across a really interesting documentary called “The Science of Fasting” on Amazon Prime a few months ago. To sum it up, it’s about a clinic somewhere in Russia that uses fasting to treat its patients, and it has some pretty noteworthy data to present as far as some of the things it claimed to have cured. Cancers, neurological diseases, muscle damage, etc. But anyways, yeah, that was something I did today.