Back in March when WHO started cancelling everyone’s world-wide personal agenda’s due to COVID, I inevitably took my frustrations live to Instagram on an impulse.  But to those who know me best, are my biggest fans of my impulsive rants.  I eventually got on the subject of money.  I started to break down what millions, billions, and trillions of dollars were– in comparison to the thousands most of us have dealt with.  If you’ve got trillions and you’re reading this, you can donate here.

I was talking about a yacht that costs $6B… it’s plated in gold and has Tyrannosaurus Rex bones in the master bedroom.  Fuckin on a dinosaur, bruh.

Long story short– IG censored my Story.  Not the whole thing, but the few segments in the middle about money were removed without warning.  I subsequently deleted my Instagram account.  Linked to Facebook.  Fuck ’em both, honestly.

Anyways, I’m digressing.

Here is a video (1:35-2:02) that shows what 1 trillion dollars cash would look like if it were stacked up in front of someone (essentially what Instagram censored in CBT form):

Here’s a hypothetical, for all considering their own purchase on a gold-plated yacht.  At $6B… if you made $100K/year and you put every nickel and dime into saving up for a similar vessel, it’d take every penny you made but at the end of 18,000 years of labor, you too my friend can float in heaven.  Does that make sense?

That’s all for now.  Fuck it.


what if this world is another planet's hell