Planned Parenthood receives $80,000,000/COVID relief funds from tax payers?

Speaking of peepee tips being sold by PP— they made some headlines recently…

Quick shoutout to Ruth’s Chris for doing the right thing– I almost went there for dinner a couple of times.

Did you hear that?  PP, which extorts baby peepees, received $80,000,000.00 (that’s way more than you make and way more than you receive but it comes out of your paycheck) in PPP COVID relief funds.  Holy P.  I hear I’ve got $600.00 coming to me soon!!!!!!!!– I wonder if I can use that to buy the rest of my penis back?  I might need to scrounge around another $50, according to Ohpy Winn-Free.  Do they track these things?  I heard just re-sold for billions of dollars (who has billions to drop on DNA shit during a pandemic, you ask?)… anywho… so can they figure out whose face MY dick is on?  Can I track that person down and have them buy me lunch?  What’s the protocol?

Not too often you read about circumcision, am I right?  Sir-come-sih-zhun.  Sir come sit down I’m gonna sihjzhun off your manhood.  That’s a long one.

Dannnnnnng girrrrrl what’cho secret is?!  The secret is baby penis tips, evidently.  Let’s keep kicking the can down the road, though, shall we?  HOW ABOUT FUCKING NOT?!  K.