Yesterday, shortly after waking from a deep slumber I wandered outside in a gasp for fresh air and sun rays, when I couldn’t help but notice these 2 love-lizards making sex [below] and having a nice day, and so I was inspired to write something amphibious and provocative; something with lyrics that might overtake you from behind and whisper sweet nothingness into your ear as the starlight dances on the sweat of your face; something to keep the bugs at bay with a silly but lethal tongue.  Is that enough metaphor?  Maybe I could throw in some simile at the end, like an anonymous alcoholic poet who showed up late to the meeting but still had a chance to share his/her story ’cause it rained that day and all the fair-weather drug addicts without automobiles stayed home and actually, even though they missed out on free coffee and doughnuts, the good news prevailed because they figured out they’re stronger people for getting through it without a support group just this very once, ironically, and it led to them turning their life around in a perfect world…  What do you think?  Enough simile?  Personally I think writing poetry is a waste of time for the person who has to read it, generally speaking.  But I’m just being sarcastic and dry to see if anyone actually reads this far… my caliber of people… !?… Anywho…

“Quarantine” was recorded and released on April Fool’s Day, Sun, Apr 12, 2020.



Shoutout to Bobby Sochi in the six hundred seven.