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Curveball. Corner Pocket.

I don’t know bout anyone else, but the fun fact I’m about to share with you kind of blew my mind.  It blew my mind in the ‘kinda-thought-I-woulda-heard-that-shit-by-now-at-32’ way.  Maybe some of you already know/knew that the richest man in the world is Mexican*, shit, maybe most of you know/knew–but I didn’t and I’ve been just like the lady in the video: “OH MY–”  What a curveball.

Mexico will be fine, they have a dude with “straight cash, homie”** money flow, and then some.  I don’t even know where to begin with this new bit of information but for some reason I feel more at ease knowing there’s a rich person there for stability, and so that’s why I share it here with you today.  Shortly and sweetly.


ERIK SCHATZKER, BLOOMBERG NEWS***(AMERICAN): … “The conventional wisdom, as you know, is that the Donald Trump presidency, will be bad, if not terrible, for Mexico.  What do you say?”


LMFAO.  I understand that the interview happened a long time ago and before Pres. Trump was actually inaugurated but I still find it odd how this bit of information was unheard till today, because I needed a laugh, and often times I’ll gravitate to YouTube for Norm MacDonald clips to try and get my self to laugh, because sometimes that’s all I can think of to do on a beautiful little shitty ass day.  Who’da thunk it, you know?!  Just who?!




Another fun fact that’s actually a fact and not one that’s out-dated: there are over 2,000 billionaires in the worldHow bout those red delicious apples!?

*no longer the richest man in the world today, according to Forbes (#5)– this is not a breaking news outlet, but how bout that catchy lie to attract your attention?

**Randy Moss voice

***2/23/20-with a bonus fun fact, go check and see who the owner of this news establishment is and stay classy, San Diego. #gofuckyourselves

[[[[[There is no point to any of this]]]]] #soundsfair