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“This Is Absolutely Serious”

Damn.  I’m totally wrong.  This is super serious.  I didn’t realize they were giving them Gatorade as medicine.

Let’s talk some more sugar, fucking shall we?

So, 30g of sugar in a serving of Gatorade G2.  Let’s assume it’s just normal sugar, right?  Wrong.  ‘Cause ya see, the thing is… when you assume… it makes an ass out of u ‘n me… so let’s not assume, okay?  Ooookay.

So, I checked: it’s not sugar Gatorade uses, it’s a “sweetener enhancer” called Acesulfame Potassium.  Most people who drink it probably can’t pronounce it.  But whatever.  Let’s call it Ace K, for fun.  Here’s a video clip of a guy talking about it:

Here’s another video clip about it:

…Ace-K isn’t metabolized by our body whatsoever. (3:57)

…We don’t know for sure if they are completely safe. (4:20)

…initial intention was to help us lose weight by replacing sugar, but new research shows that it’s not exactly good at doing so. (4:32)

These doctors got some tricks up their sleeves yo!  Hats off to y’all, I never would have thought to give sick people Gatorade G2 in assorted flavors! I hope they get popsicles, too.

Remember, if any symptoms arise: don’t go to a hospital to seek medical attention.