Thou Shallt Not…

Two days ago, while out on a 5-mile hike to get water and epsom salts from the grocery store, I received word from a friend named Kong whom I haven’t seen since last year.  We met each other about 10 miles south of the entrance to thee Great Smokey Mountains while attempting to thru-hike thee Appalachian Trail.  Kong, my brother from another mother, and I, were both heavily seeking to find someone who could provide us with mountain safety supplies, so we started hiking together in the name of 1 + 1 = 3.  By the way, the theory holds true– our prayers were answered by the sweet kaneh-bosem gods when we arrived to the foot of thee Great Smokey Mountains in Fontana Dam, NC.  On 4/20, might I add…

…Cut to today– as we both look forward to returning to thee trail this year, what Kong wanted to share with me was his gratitude.  He was expressing his sincere thanks to me for influencing him to adopt a healthier lifestyle by way of eating.  Kong, who was already a lean, mean, hiking machine, had announced to me that since we’d met, he had eliminated animal products from his diet, and he was feeling great.  So it is Kong who has inspired me to share here what I’ve been meaning to share somewhere like here for a very long time… what feels like my whole life…

…About 5 years ago, shortly after turning 30, I came to a crossroads at the Winn-Dixie on Swann Avenue in Tampa.  I was there gathering ingredients to make chicken soup.  My budget was $20.  The soup was going to get me through the next few days till I got my next paycheck.  But I couldn’t afford it all– I thought to myself, “I’ve had vegetable soup before, it was good and it got me through”, and I put the dead, rotting, cage-free kosher flesh of what was once an intelligent bird back into the cooler with the others.

Sometime within that next couple of weeks, while I was browsing the interwebz, I stumbled across interviews and lectures by thee late Dick Gregory.  Dick was dropping serious knowledge bombs on fasting and eating healthy, among other topics.  Dick Gregory gave his thanks and praises to Dr. Alvenia Fulton who transformed his life and subsequently mine.  I give my thanks and praises to him and to her.  And of course, not least, to Thee Almighty Most High.

If I estimate a savings of about $20/week (low estimate) from not buying or consuming animal product, in the last 5 years, I have saved about $5,000 in food costs alone.  This isn’t counting the fact that I’ve not needed to visit a doctor for illness the entire time.  Whenever I start to feel like something is wrong, usually from over-eating, all I need to do is stop my intake of food for a day or so, just like Dr. Fulton says in the interview above.  It seems like where most of my mistake has been, I have not been fasting nearly enough and I have not been helping my digestive tract remove toxins as good as I should have been by using an herbal laxative weekly.

It comes at no better time to write this, because I’m currently on Day 3 of a 10-day Master Cleanse.

[[“If not now, then when?  If not us, then who?]]

Thee Master Cleanse calls for nothing but lemonade for 10 days, coupled with an herbal laxative each night, and a salt water bath on days 1, 4, and 7.  The lemonade consists of 4 ingredients: alkaline water, fresh organic lemon juice, pure grade A, dark/robust maple syrup, and ground organic cayenne pepper– at least 4-6 glasses each day.  This is my fourth time doing the MC since about three years ago when it was first recommended to me by a very wise massage therapist in Tampa, FL.  And this has been and will be my most effective cleanse yet.

Trust your gut!  Word to Erin Janus!  God is good!

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