-{treasur{e}}y {secret[arie]s}-

So, like, what part don’t you get?

Speaking of treasury secretaries… my dead homie told me to never forget the name of the first one:

Check the resume of Harry J Anslinger.  Especially if you’re in Pennsylvania.  The Anslinger Papers at Penn State University.  Explains a lot, really.  But I know– you’re sooooo busy, you’ll have to check it later.  Just try not to wait till it’s too late.

The phrase “I feel like I just had a rug pulled out from underneath me” only makes sense if you’ve actually had it happen to you.  I had it happen to me at a young age.  I slammed the back of my head off of the floor.  I got back up though.  I don’t think I even cried about it.  Years later, I went on to write this fucking joke about it.

Please wake up.